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Our ultimate goal at Azm School is to offer quality learning experiences, diverse opportunities in a positive atmosphere and openness to creative ideas, with a profound commitment to our Arab, and National identity.


Our society’s need for modern and active leadership requires us to provide leading citizens, acting creatively for a positive change in our community.


School Core Values and Beliefs

We are committed to fully developing the academic, social and personal potential of students, supporting them to be lifelong learners.


AZM Values

The following core values reflect the beliefs we hold about how children learn, how our School will operate, and how we relate to one another.

PRIDE – recognizing and celebrating achievements

RESPONSIBILITY – being accountable for own actions and words

RESPECT – having regard for self, others and property

INTEGRITY – being honest and fair

LEADERSHIP – having a leader attitude as a lifelong characteristic

DIVERSITY – accepting differences

TEAM SPIRIT – cherishing collegiality and team work

INNOVATION – possessing a creative outlook to a fast changing world