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GC LAU MUN is a program that brings the UN culture of global awareness and the implementation of peaceful means for conflict resolution to the Lebanese Schools.

This is the third year of participation of AZM school in this program.


AZM School is part of the 1st Lebanese American University’s Model European Union (LAU MEU) program. The purpose of the program is to bring Lebanese High School students and the community at large the opportunity to deeply explore the European Union and its strategic geographic potential as well as the EU member states and their thriving economic and human capabilities, and the interconnection and interrelatedness among the EU member states at the commercial, cultural, and social levels in order to understand the primordial nature of the European continent in world politics.
Odense Katedral Skol “UNESCO”
مشروع توأمة قائم منذ العام 2005 بين عدد من المدارس اللبنانية والمدارس الدنماركية المنتسبة لليونسكو. يهدف هذا المشروع إلى التعريف بالتراث المادي وغير المادي والمواطنة العالمية المتضمنة أهداف التنمية المستدامة ال17 كجزء من مشروع التعاون  بين المدارس اللبنانية والدنماركية

The RAHMA Medical Center is a non-governmental association responsible for organizing scientific events and series of ongoing trainings aimed to offer people with disabilities, care and support of optimal quality.

Part of the community service, AZM school is partnering with Al Rahma Association.  G11 students were trained on how to work with students with special needs, they planned and executed many initiatives.



UTOPIA is a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to abolishing all types of social discrepancies through specialized projects and programs that rely on voluntary work, in hopes of acquiring social justice among people within the same society regardless of their political or religious beliefs. UTOPIA’s purpose is to inspire a culture of civic awareness in the Tripolitan society to make the change we aim at achieving.

Part of the community service, AZM school is partnering with Utopia.  ES1 students are developing a project aiming to improve conditions in their city Tripoli.

 عنا فكرة

تأسست جمعية عنا فكرة في العام 2016 وتهدف إلى المساهمة والعمل على تحسين أداء الإنسان بالمجتمع. كما وتهدف إلى المساهمة في نشاطات تثقيفية وبيئية والمساهمة في إنماء روح المواطنية والديمقراطية عند المواطنين. هذا بالإضافة إلى تفعيل اليات التعاون بين أفراد المجتمع وتفعيل الحوار بين أفراد الوطن على اختلاف انتماءاتهم.

يتم التعاون بين جمعية عنا فكرة في مشروع الخدمة المجتمعية في الصف العاشر أنكليزي بهدف دعم الاطفال في مستشفيات طرابلس