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Philosophy of AZM School Library

AZM school library is an essential meeting center and the heart of the school that reflects its philosophy and goals in literacy.

AZM library is a hub for promoting critical thinking, gaining information, acquiring literacy and research skills and a commitment and passion for life long reading. In the school library, students are encouraged to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and researchers.

The library program at AZM School does not work in isolation, hence the librarian works in partnership with teachers, administrators and students to help develop the library skills, such as communication and research skills and meet the goals of our school’s curriculum contents. 

AZM community works together to achieve the same educational goal and support the growth of creative thinkers and leaders. Our library constitutes of digital and hard copy books and resources.

The school has three libraries:


1. Preschool Library


2. Elementary Library

3. Middle&Secondary Library


4. Ressources