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A. Purpose of the policy

At AZM we   welcome applications from   all countries regardless to color, gender, race, religion, nationality or political interests. We admit students whose academic potential, achievement, character and social development meets our school programs. 
 As such AZM doesn’t discriminate acceptance decisions on such basis, all qualified applicants submitting a complete application file in a timely manner, will be considered equally.

B. Responsibilities:

. Academic director   approves on all Exams prepared by AZM teachers.   
. Principals and coordinators ensure that all exams are well prepared and checked according to time allocations.
.Admission committee (which consists of: Academic Director, Principal, and coordinator 
;each in the domain of proficiency; will refer to the School President in order to confirm the acceptance decision based on data given and parents meeting.
.Admission committee will finalize results to Admission Department.

C. Policy:

AZM School   serves the educational needs of both Lebanese   and   Non-Lebanese    it operates as an open community. Our School admits students coming to the non-Lebanese program who have exemption from Arabic issued by Lebanese Ministry of Education. They will not follow a regular Arabic session, but they will be placed in a special Arabic class and English special class.
Admission is offered to students who demonstrate competency in academic, social, and emotional areas and with students who are able to meet the available programs and services.
We at AZM School continuously engage with the Students Learning Diversity by openness, transparency and a broad vision that “Our society’s need for modern and active leadership requires us to provide leading citizens, acting creatively for a positive change in our community”. Moreover a specialized department in educating students accepts mild to moderate learning psychological or physical disabilities and /or learning support needs. Our School does have the resources to accommodate students with a significant learning difficulty in our Learning Support System.  We can only serve the needs of a limited number of students with diverse learning needs during each academic year. 

The admission process consists of an in-person student/parent interview. All applicants need to be interviewed by the Admissions Director.  Parents and students will typically meet with the cycle Principal and teachers who will assess the students English or French literacy skills (verbal, reading, writing, comprehension), Arabic literacy skills (for native speakers only), and Mathematics (including age appropriate computation, problem solving, reasoning and analysis).
 There are additional requirements for students applying to the school, a non-refundable fund for opening a file, and for registration. Any late registration, a payment for the first school tuition fee is desired.
Admission of a student is subject to the approval of the school’s admission Committee. 
 The final decision on grade placement is at the discretion of the school’s President.
AZM School will administer forms after the acceptance for admission that must be completed and returned to AZM School before the child   begins to attend classes. When an Applicant is accepted for enrollment a registration fee is required .This is a onetime   payment each year and a non-refundable fee.
When considering all applicants, we take into consideration the previous academic achievement, school recommendation in accordance to the scores obtained on the AZM Entrance Exam.
Applicants to the Nursery must have completed three years of age before January 31/1.Based on the decision of the Ministry of Education.
Pre-school   applicants are admitted only on the basis of a quality interview.

D. Admissions Process – 6 steps

1. Submit a completed application form

The first step in the admissions process is the submission of a completed application form and relevant documentation to   AZM School by the parent(s)/guardian(s) with 100,000L.L. Non- refundable application fee.

2. Application review

Once all records have been collected, the application will be reviewed and parents/guardians will be notified whether they have been granted an interview.

3. Interviews

All students are required to attend an interview after all material has been submitted. At least one parent is required to attend the interview.  The interview appointment is not an indicator of eventual acceptance.

4. Acceptance

Acceptance decisions, or updates on the status of your application will normally be released within two weeks of the student interview or assessment. Specific measures will be taken upon approval for grades 9 till 12.
Admission acceptance will be processed as per completion of Interview/ grade results. Admission committee refers to School President once grade results are released for an interview with the parents to confirm. The Admission department will proceed with the process of registration once accepted.
An enrollment contract will be signed by parents   as per acceptance process.  
Admission to Students following Lebanese Program:
A. Preschool Candidates   will attend an interview with cycle Principal.
B. Elementary and Middle School will sit for an entrance exam in: Arabic, Math, 1st foreign Language.
C. Grade 9 –Grade 10 will sit for an exam in Arabic, Math, 1st foreign Language, Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences.
D. Grade11 - Grade12 will be assessed as per specialty.

Admission to students following the Non-Lebanese Program 
A. Preschool Candidates will be interviewed   with their Mother tongue   language.
B. Elementary and   Middle School will sit for an entrance exam in: English and Math.
C. Grade 9 –Grade 12   will sit for an entrance exam in Math, English and Sciences.

All Applicants following Non-Lebanese program will sit for an Arabic Placement Test.

5. Payment of Entrance Fees

For all new students, a non-refundable registration fee amounted to 450,000L. L will be required within one week of the acceptance decision in order to reserve the vacant place. Failure to pay the registration fee will result in the student’s withdrawal and he/she will be moved to the waiting list.

6.  Vacancies 

Levels at which new students are enrolled are: pre-school, first grade, seventh and tenth grades (First Secondary).
Applications for other grades will be considered in case of vacancies.